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How to defeat the Inkquisitor at Grim Gables in Fortnite

Fortnitemares 2022 challenge is here and players have to defeat the Inkquisitor at Grim Gables before the Halloween event is over.

The Halloween event is back in Fortnite and plenty of rewards are up for grabs. Chapter 3 Season 4 has been full of events and players have had a reward at every step of the season where the Halloween event is not an exception.

Defeat the Inkquisitor at Grim Gables during the Fortnitemares event

Defeating the boss can be quite difficult with real players around so going for bot lobbies is always an option. Bot lobbies allow you to make it to the location of the boss easily without having to go through countless battles before.

Once you arrive at Grim Gables, make sure you are armed to the teeth. Quickly arrive at the location before anyone else has the chance to take it down. The Inkquisitor needs to be summoned and is located in a basement beneath Grim Gables.

Make your way to the basement and summoned it by doing the ritual. The place looks creepy as if it was designed for outcast activities. The ritual will take place after you are inside the circle.

Once summoned try keeping as much distance as possible. The fight will take place in a closed area so it can get difficult at times to dodge attacks. The Pumpkin launcher is its primary weapon so keeping distance is of utmost importance.

It can be taken down with a couple of shots in key areas and isn’t too difficult. Upon defeating it you will receive the Pumpkin Launcher and the Mythic SMG.

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