How to Copy Crosshair in Valorant Easily

valorant heart crosshair

Setting a perfect crosshair in Valorant can often be a matter of personal taste and self-satisfaction when trying to hit shots in the game. However, many newer players can find themselves being unable to find their ideal crosshair for Valorant, which can also hinder their ability to aim properly during duels.

If you’re having difficulties finding your perfect crosshair for Valorant, the first thing you should try is copy a professional player’s crosshair and play with it to grasp a feel.

This is why we have compiled a list of crosshair codes from some of the best pro players in Valorant that you can copy right now to take your gunplay to the next level.

How To Copy Crosshair In Valorant Using Crosshair Code

  • To use this crosshair codes in your game, simply launch Valorant and head over to the ‘Crosshair’ tab in the Settings.
  • Once there, you can click on the arrow next to the Crosshair Profile and paste the code for the crosshair you want in Valorant.
  • Once you have your desired crosshair code pasted, you can click on ‘Import’ and your crosshair will be changed to the one you want.