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How To Check the Earth’s Day and Night Cycle In Warframe

Warframe, a game renowned for its intricate mechanics and vast universe, presents players with a multitude of areas, timers, and cycles to manage. These elements not only determine the availability of activities but also influence the rewards and the presence of specific resources. One such crucial aspect is the Earth’s day and night cycle, which, although not explicitly explained in the game, plays a significant role in resource farming and quest completion. This article will guide you through understanding and tracking this cycle, thereby enhancing your Warframe experience.

The Importance of the Earth’s Day and Night Cycle

In Warframe, the Earth’s day and night cycle is a key factor that affects the availability of certain creatures and resources. For instance, Eidolons, some of the game’s most formidable and rewarding monsters, only emerge at night in the Plains of Eidolon. Similarly, specific flora and fauna only appear during certain periods.

This cycle is particularly crucial if you’re farming Apothics for the Silver Grove quest, as it dictates the appearance of certain flora. The game features a built-in cycle of night and day for Earth, separate from the cycle in the Plains of Eidolon. However, this cycle is hidden within the game interface and requires a keen eye to locate.

How to Track the Earth’s Day and Night Cycle

To monitor the day/night cycle in Warframe, players often resort to third-party tools like the comprehensive Warframe Hub website. This site displays the cycles for Cetus, the Orb Vallis, and Deimos, as well as the concealed Earth day/night cycle.

The Earth’s day/night cycle rotates approximately every four hours, resetting to day at server reset, which occurs at midnight UTC. This information is particularly useful if you’re farming for Apothics in the Silver Grove quest, as certain plants like Moonlight Dragonlilies, Moonlight Jadeleaf, Sunlight Threshcones, and Sunlight Jadeleaf only spawn during specific periods and in missions with the Grineer Forest tileset on Earth.

Additional Cycles in Warframe

While the Earth’s day and night cycle is a significant aspect, Warframe features numerous other cycles that players need to keep track of. Most of these cycles, including those for the Orb Vallis, the Plains of Eidolon, and Deimos, can be checked in the Navigation tab of your Orbiter.

Moreover, third-party tools like the Warframe Hub page can provide additional information such as Arbitration details, available bounties from Syndicates across the Solar System, ongoing Sortie and Void Fissures, and even countdowns to the next appearance of the elusive trader, Baro Ki’Teer.

Understanding and tracking the Earth’s day and night cycle in Warframe can significantly enhance your gameplay, especially when it comes to resource farming and quest completion. With the right tools and knowledge, you can master this cycle and reap the rewards that come with it.

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