How to Check League of Legends Server Status

Check out if League of Legends server is up or down.

League of Legends

League of Legends have built a reputation for expected server outages at this point, with players getting disconnected at random times mid-game on multiple occasion, Riot has been rained down upon with reports suggesting server issue.

For the past years, there was no way of knowing about server outages, often leading players to think that the issue is on their end. However, as the game has grown, so has the world around it with ample methods available now to check for server outages.

Downdetector is an independent website that keeps a tab of server status across multiple online games with a region-based sorting system. It also provides the number of players who reported the issue and facing server related troubles with the game. It helps users to figure out the location of the affected servers and the number of players facing similar issues with a given game.

Other than third-party websites which are reliable enough, players can look for any server-side issues with the developer as they post a message regarding registered reports in real-time. “No recent issues or events to report.” will be displayed in case of no reported issues which can be co-related by players through Downdetector. If the server load exceeds a certain limit, outages might occur forcing the server to shut down to avoid a crash.

Keep a close eye on LOL Twitter and Riot Support Twitter as they will Tweet out any major issues reported across a region.

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