How to Defeat Del Kong In One Piece Odyssey

Stuck on Del Kong in One Piece Odyssey? Our guide has the tips and tricks you need to emerge victorious. Click to read now.

del kong one piece odyssey big boss

One Piece Odyssey is a role-playing game set on an enigmatic island filled with various monsters and creatures that players must defeat as they advance through the story and explore the island. The initial boss players encounter in the main story is Del Kong, who is similar to King Kong.

How to Defeat Del Kong In One Piece Odyssey

This guide will provide instructions on how to defeat Del Kong in One Piece Odyssey.

Del Kong holds Nami captive and when players reach her, Zoro comes to rescue her and players engage in combat against Del Kong and other enemies called Eisas. Players can play as most of the pirate characters except Brook, switching between characters to attack the enemies and Del Kong.

Utilizing different characters’ skills in each turn will deal the most damage. Since battles occur in a turn-based mechanic, it is important to keep track of characters’ HP. The following steps can be followed to defeat Del Kong.

  • To begin the battle, utilize the Potent Energy Apple Item to heal Nami’s HP.
  • Eliminate the Eisas enemies first by utilizing normal attacks and skills.
  • Once they are eliminated, select Nami and use Electric Type Skills. There are three of these Skills available in Nami’s Skills Tab, one of which is the useful Thunderbolt Tempo which uses 70 TP and will Paralyze Del Kong.
  • Paralyzing Del Kong will give you an additional attack opportunity and allow you to deal more damage to the boss.
  • After using Thunderbolt Tempo, employ Sanji or Luffy’s high Skill to inflict the maximum amount of damage.
  • After Del Kong has attacked, use Thunderbolt Tempo again and then repeat Sanji or Luffy’s Skills to deal damage.
  • If a character’s health becomes low, use Chopper’s Resurrection Skill to heal.