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How Esports Effects College Achievements

Until recently, such concepts as school or college learning and playing video games were completely opposite to each other and they could not have any interconnected or positive impact. But times change and what seemed absolutely impossible or unacceptable earlier, as of now, has become different and acquired another sense of meaning. Among them, there are college education and esports at schools and colleges. Now these are things that are not only closer and closer intertwined, but become interrelated due to a number of different advantages and positive influences. What are the benefits and positive impact, we will look below.

Esports Became More Than Just Games

As recent studies have shown (for example, the Junior Esports Evaluation in 2021), students who participated in an esports tournament later showed a much greater interest in school and college activities. In turn, this had a positive effect on the level of students’ achievements in various college disciplines. Along with this, participation in esports games has a positive effect on strengthening team spirit, organization, speed of reactions, and therefore the speed of decision-making. These qualities are necessary for a successful learning process. During it, college students complete various projects and do different work, including essay writing. This is a time-consuming process that requires considerable mental effort, attentiveness, perseverance and balance. All this indicates that students nowadays also need to be able to juggle many different aspects of life and an essay maker may professionally help with them. Without ceasing to study diligently, they can simultaneously use the help of an essay generator or apply the essay maker service capabilities, and, like a professional studyclerk, create high-quality essays. The specified skillful juggling will allow both to master new knowledge and to continue improvement in esports learning. And skill in it provides many advantages that positively affect college achievements.

Esports Increases the Level of Students Engagement 

GGTech America CEO César Roses said that the skills used in esports may bring benefits to the field of traditional education. Students were taught physics and other natural sciences using specific video games such as Minecraft and others. This practice has shown such results as extremely high motivation among students. This leads to the idea that the integration of educational software and video games will in many ways change the approach to learning in a much different way than it was before. In this way, the gamification of lessons increases interest in them, which directly affects the increase in productivity and academic success.

Self-Esteem and Confidence

As various studies show, confidence plays an important role in the process of student achievement. Confidence affects the ability to perform tasks correctly and appropriately. But it does not appear on its own. There are people who are self-confident from birth and they often have high self-esteem. And there are others who gain confidence thanks to life experience. Students are those who stand at the beginning of their adult life and an awareness of their life path. Therefore, they have not yet had time to gain a lot of experience that would give full confidence in their strengths and capabilities. However, by playing video games and esports, they have every chance to boost their confidence level. After all, each new victory, both individual and team, increases this confidence in their abilities.

Achieving Academic Goals

Many colleges and universities use esports in education in a way that not only keeps students motivated, but also makes them understand that they are responsible for their academic success. This is implemented in the following way. Educational institutions promote the main message that video games and esports are not self-evident activities, but a bonus or privilege. In this way, student members of esports clubs understand that they need to earn the right to participate in esports competitions through their academic success and achievements. This encourages students to better perform tasks, to give them the best when writing various types of essays and creating projects.


Taking into account all of the above, it becomes obvious that the passion for esports and conscientious study in a college or other type of educational institution are no longer mutually exclusive concepts. Among the obvious benefits is that the skills and traits developed while playing video games have a significant positive impact on student academic achievement. Concentration and composure, control over emotions and team spirit, speed of reactions and promptness in decision-making are important factors for success and winning in video games. They are earned and honed with each new game or new gaming tournament. And this is wonderful, because all the listed traits are very important for achieving success in academic education. Along with this, the implementation of cyber gaming in the educational process significantly increases the level of pupil’s and student’s interest in it, which shows further better results in education and achievements. 

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