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How does private matchmaking work in CS2?

Counter-Strike has always been a game that is enjoyed more when playing with and against friends. Bragging rights have always been the sweetest reward that the game has to offer but private matchmaking was never really a part of the game CS2 has a way around it that allows players to create a custom match to play with friends without any 3rd party support.

Back in the days of CSGO, if a group of 10 wanted to play a match together, the only way out was to create a community server or host a game on LAN. Creating a community server is not an easy task and requires special skills Gaming cafes are not accessible to everyone so the limitations for private matchmaking were overwhelming.

Thankfully, CS2 has a private matchmaking option baked in that lets to skip the struggles of hosting your server or finding a LAN cafe. If you want to host a private match with your friends, make sure to follow these steps and you can start playing in no time.

How to host a private CS2 match?

With friends added, you can now host your own private CS2 match by following these steps:

  • Start CS2 and go to “Play.”
  • Click on “Play with Friends”.
  • Invite your friends.
  • Customize the matchmaking settings.
  • Click “Go” and invite your friends.
  • Click on “Start Match” to launch the game.

The feeling of playing with friends where you have nothing to lose and a lot of memories to gain, can never be replaced. CS2 adding this feature is a testament to the fact that they are implementing the changes that the community has been begging for ages.

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