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Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed – How To Upgrade Gear

Gears in Ghostbusters are as important as guns in an FPS game and upgrading is the key to success in this game. Depending on a player’s playstyle it is important to upgrade the essential gears to complement your missions as you go to a higher level.

Upgrading the gears is not necessarily a tricky task but it is for Ghostbusters: Sprits Unleashed. There are places you can visit where gear upgrades are possible, and here are the locations:

Eddy’s Lab

Players will probably come across the Upgrade Table at Eddy’s Lab for the first time when discussing upgrading weaponry. It is a little bit isolated from the rest of the hub area, making it simple to miss. The Table may be discovered in the back left corner of the room, just behind Eddy’s desk, once players have located the Lab.

Alley Upgrade Table

The second Upgrade Table is located in the alley between the two Ghostbusters HQ buildings. This Table is found directly beside the area where players first try out the Particle Thrower with Catt. This will be available upon completing the tutorial.

Primary Gear

As the name suggests, your primary gears will be the main tools for taking down ghosts and each and every attachment that comes with it can be separately upgraded according to your needs. Primary gears include Particle Thrower, Proton Pack, P.K.E. Meter, and Ghost Trap.

Secondary Gear

V.A.D., Ionizer Pods, Radar Puck, and the Ecto Goggles are secondary gears that can be upgraded as a whole. Each item can be attached according to your needs and properly managed to get an upper hand against the ghost.

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