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Genshin Impact Sumeru Reputation system: Here’s everything we know so far:

The Genishin Impact 3.0 update is here and brings a whole new region to the game called Sumeru, a land mixed with rainforest and desert. The developers will soon drop a whole legion of missions based in and around exploring the freshly introduced region.

The big talking point of the update has been the Sumeru Reputation System. While something like this may get confusing given there is a lot to take in, we are here to simplify it for you. Reputation is a system that tracks the progress of players in departments such as bounties, explorations, and quest completion.

Photo via Genshin Impact.

Inside Sumeru city, you will find the Citadel of Regzar where an NPC by the name of Effendi looks after the Reputation. Where you must qualify for it by clearing these requirements:

  1. Players must have an AR of at least 25.
  2. Sumeru Archon Quest Chapter 3 Act 2 must be completed.
  3. World Quest’Corps of Thirty Recruitment must be completed.

Here are the rewards:

Sumeru reputation levelRequired Sumeru reputation EXPReward
Level oneAutomatically unlockedRecipe: butter chicken
Level two450 Feature unlocked: Sumeru mining outcrop searchBrightwood pottery worktablePlain brightwood shelf
Level three500The Boon of the Elder Tree gadget
Level four550Sumeru: observanceRecipe: talchinFeature unlocked: Sumeru merchant discounts
Level five650Ultra-hot burner lamp test model
Level six650 Brightwood grocery stallBrightwood kebab kart
Level seven700Sumeru: unsulliedRecipe: biryani
Level eight750Instructions: Dendroculus resonance stone
Level nine800Diagram: dendro treasure compass
Level ten850Wings of the Forest Sumeru glider skin

How to raise my Sumeru reputation?

There are only certain specific quests and upon their completion, your Sumeru reputation will increase, most of which will include exploring the land of Sumeru. You can take on a total number of three bounties and three requests a week across all regions, so be sure to pick the ones from Effendi to raise your reputation in the new area quickly.

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