Genshin Impact 1.02

Bounties have been added to Genshin Impact as a part of its latest v1.02 update a few hours ago. The latest update also introduced new characters, new weapons, and a bunch of other stuff to the open-world RPG title by miHoYo.

Each week, players will be able to defeat targets for Bounties, which in turn will increase their reputations in specific cities. To start a Bounty hunt, players can go to the City Reputation NPC in Mondstadt or Liyue, where they’ll be given a list of Bounties to complete. There are one, two, and three star Bounties with varying rewards that the player can check before accepting them.

The enemies in the Bounty hunt can be located at various parts of the map, which can be tracked by talking to the NPC and checking out the in-game map. The Bounty areas are marked by yellow circles.

Once you’re in the area inside the yellow circle, players have to use their Elemental Sight to track the Bounty down. The Bounty will be indicated by a blue light that the players have to follow. You’ll occasionally find yourself having to repeatedly use the Elemental Sights in your Bounty hunt to track your target down.

The light won’t lead you to the Bounty at first. Players may have to harvest nearby resources, gather items, or kill enemies till they complete three of such marks. Once done, the blue light will guide you to your Bounty which you have to defeat in order to claim the rewards.