Free Fire: How to get Megalodon Alpha Scar-L

Free Fire has introduced their third Evo skin named Megalodon Alpha Scar-L. Follow these steps to unlock this skin.

Garena has added their third upgradable skin to Free Fire named Megalodon Alpha: Scar-L. This skin comes under the ‘Evo’ section and belongs to the Scar-L weapon. It is customizable cosmetic skin where players can upgrade the skin to unlock new features like animations, effects, emotes and more. This skin is added to the Faded Wheel spin event as a special reward.

Free Fire has tweaked their range of weapon skins and has tried adding some new features which might make them more lucrative. They have certainly made a mark by adding this new section of ‘Evo’ skins. These skins are customizable and very hard to obtain. Once you get the base skin, the task is to collect relevant fragments and upgrade it to next level.

Megalodon Alpha Scar-L also comes under the premium range of skins in Free Fire. This skin has a reddish aura and players can upgrade it up to eight levels or ‘privileges’. Each new level adds some new effect to the gun and makes it even better than its predecessors.

How to get Megalodon Alpha Scar skin in Free Fire

This Scar-L skin is available in the Faded Wheel event and one can try their luck at the spin. The spin event is one of the oldest in-game minigame in Free Fire where players need to spend diamonds to make a spin and unlock a single reward at random. The Megalodon Alpha skin is added to this spin and can be considered as the final prize while spinning.

Each spin offers rewards at random and the price of each round increases subsequently. One has to play 19 diamonds for the first try and it can go up to 499 diamonds for the last try. After completely for spinning each and every, you can unlock this new skin.

Further, each upgrade to the Megalodon Alpha Scar-L requires certain amount of tokens which can be acquired via same event. The statistics of this special skin go up with the level so more the upgrades, better will be the output stats.

This skin is available in the event till the end of this month so make sure to gather enough diamonds and try your luck at the spin.

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