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Empire Of Sin: List of All 14 Bosses and their abilities

Empire of Sin is a turn-based mafia strategy game developed by John Romero with his wife Brenda Romero. John Romero is a legendary figure in the gaming industry. He was the co-founder of ID Software and developed OG DOOM. Now he works in his own company Romero Games. A game from such a legendary person is expected to turn many heads and with his name on the line the game, the hype is expected to be high. Are you also hyped up for the Empire of Sin bosses?

Developed by Romero Games and published by Paradox Interactive, Empire Of Sin lets the player live out their gangster fantasies in 1920s Chicago. Players get to take control of a crime boss, recruit gang members, and build their own underground empire and dominate their way through the streets of Chicago in the midst of the Prohibition era.

With a multitude of choices available for players to shape their own story, the game allows for multiple unique playthroughs. The game offers a total of Empire of Sin 14 bosses ( 2 of which are coming soon) that are based on real or fictional people including infamous figures such as Al Capone, Sai Wing Mock, and Angelo Genna.

Meet the Empire Of Sin bosses

1. Al Capone (Faction- The Outfit)

Unique Ability- Rain of Fire: Fires a stream of bullets in an area; those caught in the area are suppressed and anyone moving in the area takes damage.

2. Frankie Donovan (Faction- The Donovans)

Unique Ability- Unleash Fury: A flurry of melee strikes against an enemy; kills restore your fury and AP but make you exhausted.

3. Angelo Genna (Faction- Genna Crime Family)

Unique Ability- Fan of Knives – A barrage of throwing knives that can target several enemies or a single enemy multiple times.

4. Salazar Reyna (Faction- Los Hijos De La Llorona)

Unique Ability- Santa Muerte: Spin around and fire your dual-wielded revolvers to hit nearby hostiles.

5. Goldie Garneau (Faction- Fortune Tellers)

Unique Ability- Killer Queen: Places a mark on enemies then fires a shot at each target; increased crit chance and ignores defense.

6. Sai Wing Mock (Faction- Hip Sing Tong)

Unique Ability- Death Blossoms: Select multiple locations and throw poison bombs.

7. Maggie Dyer (Faction- White City Circus)

Unique Ability- Lion Tamer: Lash out with your whip to pull an enemy, meleeing them and knocking them down.

8. Dion O’Bannion (Faction -The Northside Mob)

Unique Ability- Blastphemy: Fires an explosive shotgun shell that knocks back the foe and destroys their armor.

9. Daniel McKee Jackson (Faction- Vice Kings)

Unique Ability- Last Rites: Fire your pistol’s entire clip at a target; if the target dies before the clip is emptied, automatically shoot another target.

10. Frank Ragen (Faction- Ragen’s Colts)

Unique Ability- Home Run: Rush a target and knock them down; automatically strike an enemy that gets near with the “Batter Up!” effect if your initial target dies.

11. Mabel Ryley (Faction- The Alley Cats)

Unique Ability- Swindler’s Shot: Mark multiple targets and fire a single shot that bounces and hits these targets.

12. Elvira Duarte (Faction- Los Luceros)

Unique Ability- Devil’s Breath: A psychotropic smoke turns a target into a temporary ally; it also causes a damage-over-time effect that slowly kills them.

13. Joseph Saltis (Faction- Saltis Gang)

Unique Ability- Stampede: Charge and knockback enemies along your path.

14. Stephanie St. Clair (Faction- Card Sharks)

Unique Ability- Firing Squad: Any friendly and allied characters within range will open fire at a selected target.

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