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How to Earn Free Overwatch Coins: A Comprehensive Guide

Overwatch Coins are the in-game currency for Overwatch 2, used to purchase skins, weapon skins, and other cosmetics. With the game’s transition to a free-to-play model, players are keen on finding ways to earn these coins without spending real money. Here’s how you can get your hands on free Overwatch Coins.

Redeeming Microsoft Rewards Points

One of the most reliable methods to get free Overwatch Coins is through Microsoft Rewards Points. Here’s how you can earn and redeem these points for Overwatch Coins:

  1. Visit the Microsoft Rewards Page: Start by going to the Microsoft rewards page.
  2. Earn Points: You can accumulate points by completing the tutorial, searching with Bing on PC or mobile, doing daily activities, completing quizzes, shopping with Microsoft, installing the Bing mobile app, and using the Microsoft Rewards browser extension-.
  3. Redeem Overwatch Coins: Once you have enough points, press the ‘Redeem’ tab, search for ‘Overwatch’, and click on the ‘Overwatch Coins Digital Code’ reward-. The conversion rates are as follows: 200 coins for 1,800 points, 500 coins for 5,000 points, and 1,000 coins for 10,000 points-.
  4. Enter the Code: After redeeming, go to the Battle.net ‘Account Overview’ page and enter the code into the ‘Redeem a Code’ section to add the coins to your Overwatch account-.

Battle Pass Progression

Starting from Season 10, Overwatch 2 has made it easier to earn coins through the Battle Pass system:

  • Free and Premium Tracks: As you progress through the Free and Premium tracks of the Battle Pass, you will earn coins consistently.
  • Seasonal Earnings: Players can earn 1500 Credits and 600 Coins for free every season, which are distributed in increments through normal play.

Watching Overwatch Streams

For those interested in the Overwatch League, you can earn OWL tokens by watching matches. These tokens can be used to purchase exclusive Overwatch League skins:

  • Earn by Watching: You can earn five free OWL tokens for every hour of OWL matches watched.
  • Purchasing Skins: To buy OWL skins with your tokens, select the Shop from the main menu, click the Overwatch League button, and choose the skin you want-.

Group Play and Weekly Challenges

Although as of Season 10, weekly challenges no longer provide Overwatch Coins, it’s worth noting that previously, grouping up with friends and completing weekly challenges was a way to earn coins,-. It’s possible that similar opportunities may arise in future updates or events.

Additional Tips

  • Competitive Points: Earn Competitive Points by playing in Competitive mode, which can be used to purchase Jade Weapons.
  • Mythic Prisms: A new currency called Mythic Prisms can be earned through the Battle Pass and used to purchase Mythic skins.
  • Credits Transfer: If you played the first Overwatch game, your credits were transferred to Overwatch 2 and can be used to buy cosmetics in the Hero Gallery.

Earning free Overwatch Coins is a matter of engaging with the game’s ecosystem and taking advantage of the Microsoft Rewards program. By following the steps outlined above, you can accumulate Overwatch Coins to spend on your favorite in-game items without opening your wallet. Remember to keep an eye on the game’s updates for any changes to the ways you can earn coins.

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