CSGO: 5 Amazing Facts About IEM Road to Rio

The IEM Rio Major is about to kick off. The first RMR games have already begun, determining the 24 players in the ESL Rio Major 2022. There are various important facts about the Major that can help you prepare to watch the battle develop.

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IEM Road to Rio facts

One RMR will only have four teams. Everyone’s attention will undoubtedly be drawn to European and American events. Nonetheless, there is a different RMR specifically designed for the Asian area; however, only four teams will be showcased!

You may be familiar with IGC Gaming and Grayhound Gaming from prior appearances at CSGO Majors. These two will face China’s Rare Atom as well as the Israeli-Russian JiJieHao International team. Facecrack and davcost, a Russian duet, play for the latter.

RMR will include 46 nations. Isn’t that rather a lot? Nonetheless, we chose to spotlight five distinct players: kaze from Malaysia, rigoN from Switzerland, sugaR from Azerbaijan, SunPayus from Spain, and dav1d from Chile. They not only represent their country alone, but they may also be entertaining and dramatic to see throughout the Qualifiers.

Six additional countries may make their Major debut. European RMR A has 1WIN and GamerLegion. lollipop21k and iM would be the first Belarussian and Romanian players to compete at Majors if they qualify for Rio. Infinity of the Americas may pave the way for Peruvian, Mexican, and Colombian players. Finally, if Team oNe Esports qualifies, Guatemala’s malbsMd will make his CS:GO debut as well.

Two of the 52 clubs are not ranked in the top 100 by HLTV. Infinity (#101) and Isurus (#102) both symbolise the Americas. It is worth mentioning that B8 has the lowest ranking (#66) among all European RMR A participants, Illuminar is 88th in European RMR B, and JiJieHao International is 87th in the globe.

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