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Can You Play Content Warning on Steam Deck? | Here’s the Answer

‘Content Warning’ seems like a natural fit for the Steam Deck with its fun co-op gameplay and modest specs. But is it a smooth match for Valve’s handheld? Let’s break down the good news, the challenges, and whether you should dive into those viral scares on the go.

Content Warning Steam Deck

The great news: ‘Content Warning’ currently runs well on the Steam Deck. Players report a smooth 60 FPS experience, vital for a game where reaction time is key. Its small file size is another plus, taking up minimal storage space on your Deck.

The Caveats (and How to Work Around Them)

  • Unverified = Controls Quirks: While functional, ‘Content Warning’ hasn’t gone through Valve’s official Steam Deck verification. Some menu navigation currently relies on the trackpad, which can be a little awkward. Hopefully, the devs will update for better Deck compatibility, but for now, be prepared for some control oddities.
  • Online Only = WiFi Woes: ‘Content Warning’ needs a constant internet connection. This limits where and when you can play effectively. If you primarily use your Deck for offline gaming or on-the-go adventures, this might be a dealbreaker.

Can You Play Content Warning on Steam Deck?

Can you play it? Absolutely! Is it the ideal Steam Deck experience? Not yet. Here’s the bottom line:

  • At home with good WiFi: If you’re chilling with a strong connection, those control quirks will be minor. Enjoy co-op chaos on the couch!
  • On the road or spotty WiFi: You might want to save ‘Content Warning’ for when you have a more stable connection.

Bonus Tip: Even with official Steam Deck support, online-only games will always be less convenient on the handheld.

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