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Content Warning Monsters List | Tips to Survive

‘Content Warning’ throws you into a creepy world packed with creatures that want to ruin your shot – and your life. To become a ‘SpookTube’ sensation, you’ll need to survive those encounters and get the perfect footage. This guide breaks down the horrors you’ll face, with survival tips and strategies to help you outsmart the monsters and get those viral views.

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All Monster Types in Content Warning Game

Remember, these aren’t official names, but ones we’ve coined to help you keep them straight!

  • Spider: Web-slinging ambush predator. Watch for webs and clear areas before setting up shots.
  • Ghost: Knife-wielding phantom, slow but persistent. Use speed and terrain to break line of sight.
  • Crawler: Hates light, weak but fast. Your flashlight is your best friend against this one.
  • Whisker: Odd mixer-headed menace. Be aware of your surroundings, as it only attacks in straight lines.
  • Slimes: Harmless but deceptive. Avoid getting dragged into danger zones!
  • War Robot: Deadly robotic foe with machine gun. Use cover and break its line of sight ASAP.
  • Bomber Frog: Explosive amphibian. Retreat is the best strategy until it’s out of ammo.
  • Iron Maiden: Painful environmental trap. Teamwork is key to free trapped players quickly.
  • Big Tooth: Hulking brute. Avoid confrontation at all costs, it’ll pursue relentlessly.
  • Centipede: Grabs and throws players. Don’t get cornered, maintain open space for dodging.

Don’t forget, your goal is viral footage. Sometimes, getting close (but not TOO close) and capturing the monster’s creepy behavior can be just as valuable as surviving!

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