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How to Get Coffin Dancer Achievement in Honkai Star Rail?

Honkai Star Rail introduced the enigmatic Coffin Dancer achievement in Version 1.1, leaving players curious and eager to unlock it.

This guide will navigate you through the steps to unlock the Coffin Dancer achievement and discover the secrets of the Foursquare Mirror in the game.

How to Get Coffin Dancer Achievement in Honkai Star Rail?

  • Completing the Companion Mission: To begin, players must complete the companion mission titled “A Knight Stranger.” Upon completion, Luocha becomes a passenger on the Express, and players receive a set of rewards.
  • Receiving Jingyan’s Message: After traveling to a new area post-mission, players receive a message from Jingyan, revealing another recording of Luocha left with the Foursquare Mirror.
  • Locating the Foursquare Mirror: The Foursquare Mirror is located in the Realm-Keeping Commission Chancery in Exalting Sanctum. Players can find Jingyan and the mirror next to her desk, indicated by a large sparkle.
  • Investigating the Mirror: Interacting with the mirror reveals a glitchy video and a snippet of Luocha talking, unlocking the Coffin Dancer achievement subsequently.

After unlocking the achievement, players can claim five Stellar Jade from the achievements list, adding a rewarding touch to the mysterious journey.

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