BGMI: How to find and use Spider-man balls and web-shooters?

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Krafton has introduced an interesting mode in their flagship battle royale title BGMI in India. This mode is a result of the recent collaboration between PUBG Mobile and the famous movie franchise Spider-man. This mode is available in Erangel and Livik in BGMI and has some amazing features like Spider-man balls and web-shooters.

Marvel recently released a new movie in the Spider-man franchise and it is known as “Spider-man: No Way Home”. It is one of the most famous Marvel movies to date and has earned a hefty sum after the global release. As part of their marketing strategy, they collaborated with Tencent Games and Krafton to promote this new movie amongst the PUBG player base.

This collaboration was launched in the global version as well as in several local ones simultaneously. As a result, players can play a new mode in BGMI where they can collect spiderman costumes, web, and balls to make the game more interesting.

The best feature in this mode is the new Spider-man web-shooter which allows players to shoot webs like Spider-man to move across large infrastructure very quickly. They can use it to climb buildings as well as jump from one floor to other very easily.

The next feature is Spider balls and this can be used as a throwable to slow down enemy players. These items are not available to everybody and hence, players need to go to certain locations to gain them.

Once you enter the featured event mode, players need to go to some locations and open the Spider-man crate to get these items. There are different locations in Livik as well as Erangel. Some of them are the tower near water city, in the office area of Military Base, and in several garages of Novorepnoye.

As you go near the crates, they are hanging with webs. Simply shoot them and the box will fall down. Unlock it and get the items in your bag.

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