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Best CS:GO Launch Options to Use in 2023: Boost FPS Easily

Are you seeking methods to amplify your CS:GO gameplay experience? Would you fancy adjusting your configurations to execute CS:GO more effectively and fluidly? If that’s the case, then you ought to acquaint yourself with CS:GO launch options, which are console commands that enable you to customize your system-based activities.

In this article, we’ll direct you on how to configure CS:GO launch options and recommend some of the finest ones to experiment with in 2023.

Configuring CS:GO Launch Options

Before we delve into the top-notch CS:GO launch options, let’s discuss how to set them up. Pursue these effortless procedures:

  1. Launch ‘Steam’.
  2. Access ‘Library’.
  3. Right-click on the ‘CS:GO’ game title and opt for ‘Properties’.
  4. Within the ensuing ‘Properties’ window pop-up, proceed to ‘General’.
  5. Under the ‘General’ tab, click on ‘Set Launch Options’.
  6. A fresh ‘Set Launch Options’ window will emerge where you can type in your desired ‘CS:GO Launch Options’.
  7. Combine all the launch options and differentiate each individual setting with a space.
  8. Press ‘Ok’ after setting all the desired ‘CS:GO Launch Options’.
  9. Shut the ‘Properties’ window pop-up and commence CS:GO. The game will now automatically implement the recorded settings every time it launches.

Best CS:GO Launch Options for 2023

According to a Valve employee, the finest launch options are no launch options. Nevertheless, it’s advantageous to customize your settings, since the default settings aren’t optimal for most players due to distinctive gaming arrangements. Hence, you must personalize a unique set of CS:GO launch options that benefit you, contingent on your hardware, software, internet connection, and other factors.

Here are some of the most prevalent and finest CS:GO launch options to experiment with in 2023:

  • -novid: This launch option skips the opening video when launching CS:GO, which can save you a few seconds every time you start the game.
  • -tickrate 128: This sets the tickrate of your local server to 128 tick, which is the competitive standard. This can aid in improving your gameplay experience and make your practice sessions more effective.
  • -high: This launches CS:GO with high CPU priority, which can assist in reducing stuttering and enhance performance.
  • -nojoy: This disables joystick support, which can free up some resources and possibly improve performance.
  • -nod3d9ex: This disables the use of DirectX 9Ex, which can aid in reducing alt-tabbing delays and enhance performance.
  • -freq [monitor refresh rate]: This sets your game’s refresh rate to match your monitor’s refresh rate, which can aid in reducing screen tearing and improving overall visual clarity.
  • -console: This launches CS:GO with the developer console enabled, which can be beneficial for debugging and tweaking settings.

It’s imperative to note that not all launch options function well for everyone, and some options may have unforeseen consequences. It’s prudent to experiment with different launch options and determine what works best for your specific arrangement and necessities.

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