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Best CSGO Case Opening Sites for 2022

Players have flocked to cases, knives, and the best cases since skins were introduced to the game in 2013 with the Arms Deal update. With the player population only growing since then, several case-opening websites have sprung up. They give gamers with appealing offers and the ability to obtain a knife or high-grade skin without having to launch CS:GO from Steam.

Today, we’ll look at the greatest case opening sites, according to CSGOweb.net, which have the highest rating, the most traffic, and the best possibility of acquiring excellent skin.

All of the websites listed below are completely safe and devoid of any fraud or shady business on the side, and they are completely upfront with people that open cases on the site.

Let’s take a look at the top CSGO case opening sites.

Top CSGO Case Opening Sites


Farmskins is a CSGOweb.net-recognized website that launched in 2016. Users that sign up receive a free $1 incentive. It now has 89 million cases active and counting. It accepts a variety of payment methods and is a G2Apay-affiliated website. It has a customer rating of 99.2% out of 75k reviews and is a reliable source with a high probability of receiving a knife or a high-tier skin such as Gungnir or Dragon Lore.


Hellcase is a website with a high chance of earning a nice drop and frequently offers new incentives to users. KennyS’s stream is frequently featured on the website, and he is associated with them.

Hellcase sponsors streamer Lobanjica and offers discount coupons to his viewers and fans. It is not restricted to CS:GO and also works in DOTA2.


CSGOLive is one of the first case-opening websites, having launched in early 2016. It has approximately 135 million cases opened on the site to date and offers particular cases for knives such as the 70% knife case or the 80% knife case with a high likelihood of a knife drop.

Daddy Skins

With over 1.6 million unique users, Daddyskins is as trustworthy as it gets. It, too, began in 2016 and has become a go-to for gamers all around the world looking for the greatest skins, whether it’s the Fire Serpent or the Asiimov.

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Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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