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All Stray Badge Locations And How To Get

The world of Stray might be fascinating to explore but what makes an open world game more interesting is the hidden items spread across the map. The six badges hidden across is may not be useful but it induces a sense of completion that the player may get satisfied with.

All Badge Locations And How To Get Them In Stray

The location of the six badges are listed below. Follow this guide to quickly get to them.

Music Badge

The Music Badge can be obtained in exchange of all eight music sheets and return them to the street musician, Moresque.

Outsider Badge

The Outsider Badge is part of the main storyline to no going out of your way to get it but, incase you were wondering, you can pick it from Seamus to let the Doc know he sent you after you get the broken tracker fixed. 

Plant Badge

This badge is obtained in Antvillage from Malo after collecting three plant colors, red, yellow and purple. Once you have all three, you can return them to Malo, who will then gift you the Plant Badge. 

Cat Badge

Cat Badge can be found in Midtown inside the merchant’s safe. You will need to use the code “2551” to open it, and inside, will be the Cat Badge. 

Police Badge

The Police Badge can be found in the top floor of the Police Station. Once there, head to the alley on the left side of the building and climb up once again until you see an open window. Once you climb through this window, you can find the Police Badge on the body of a Companion inside. 

Neco Badge

Inside the Neco Factory, and you will find the dropped their keys. With the same keys head into the the room with moving containers inside that block the sentinel’s vision then you will spot a barrel floating in the water. 

In the first barrel and the large group of barrels and trash just next to you. Amongst the trash, you will find the Companion’s lost keys and upon returning them, the Companion will reward you with the Neco Badge. 

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