If you have spent money on a games console, then the chances are you want it to be ready to be played with whenever you are. Electronic devices can sometimes be temperamental, and they always stop working at what feels like the most inconvenient time.

However, if you do want to keep your games console working correctly then looking after the accessories is a must. After all, there is little point in firing up your console for a gaming session if your controllers aren’t working. The good news is that looking after them doesn’t need to be a hassle, and a few simple tips can really help.

Keep Your Controllers Clean

Keeping our games controllers clean is a must – not only to help keep them in great shape but to make sure they don’t become a hangout for germs. Recent studies have shown that games consoles can be much dirtier than any of us realize, often missed as part of the usual household cleaning routine.

For example, the handles of a PlayStation controller can have as many as 73 colonies of bacteria on them – which can be spread to other parts of your house without the right cleaning schedule. Wiping over your controllers doesn’t need to be a big deal – you can use a cleaning wipe or slightly damp cloth to give the controller a wipe. Do this on a regular basis and especially when someone else has used your console.

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Store Them Correctly

Games consoles are quite robust but are unlikely to survive being trodden on or kicked across a room. It is easy to just leave our controllers on the arm of a chair or on the floor near where we game so that we can simply pick them up and start playing again when we are ready. However, it is recommended that you invest in some storage and put your controllers away when finished. This leaves them far less likely to be damaged when not in use – and also helps to make sure they don’t get too dirty.

Don’t Let Others Damage Them

Gaming is quite a social game, and we tend to like to play with friends. There is no problem with this but make sure that your friends respect your equipment as much as you do. If you have a friend that is too rough with your controllers don’t be afraid to ask them to calm down or bring their own to play on next time. Games controllers aren’t the cheapest things to buy, and you don’t want to be replacing them too often, just because other people aren’t careful with them.

Looking after your games console and controller is much like the other items in your home. Keeping them clean and tidy is a definite step to making this happen. Putting things away properly when you have finished will prevent them from being damaged- and also means you know exactly where to find them when you next come to need them, which means your gaming sessions never need to be delayed again.