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12 Minutes: How to Get Bumblebee’s Phone Number


Twelve Minutes is an adventure video game developed by Luis Antonio and published by Annapurna Interactive for Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S that was released globally on August 19, 2021. The title gained significant popularity within the short span since its release due to the unique mechanic that enables players to use time loops to relive the various puzzles scattered across the game. 

If you’ve been playing the title recently and having trouble getting Bumblebee’s phone number in 12 minutes, we have you covered. 

Once you find proof that confirms your character’s wife did not kill her father, you’ll have to show your evidence to the cop who wants to kill you both. However, he will refuse to take a look at your evidence and claim that he’ll only listen to his mother or daughter.

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Here’s how you can get the phone number of her daughter, Bumblebee in 12 minutes. 

First, start a new loop and use the sleeping pills dropped in the water to knock your wife out. Once your wife goes into the bedroom to lay down, walk into the closet and close its door.

Once you get the fast forward sequence, wait for the cop to come into your apartment and enter the bedroom. When he turns on the light switch, he’ll get knocked out.

Now you can pickpocket his items, but remember to handcuff him else he might attack you. 

Go to your inventory and click on the phone that you pickpocketed. Click on the text message icon to see all the text messages from his daughter, Bumblebee. Click on a message and then click on her phone number which will be highlighted. 

Call her once to remember the number for future loops. Moving forward, every time you grab your wife’s phone in the closet, you’ll be presented with the option to call Bumblebee. 

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