Genshin Impact seems to be the bandwagon everyone is hopping in. The online action RPG has is touted to be the greatest video game launch any Chinese developer has ever seen. It has over 17 million downloads and garnered about $60 million from just the mobile platform.

Of all mystical things the game has to offer, Radish is found to be exiguous. Follow through to find out the places known so far that have it:

  • Vegetable gardens south of the Dawn Winery.
  • Near the house towards the south east from the waypoint in Stone Gate.
  • Areas around Teyvat can be investigated for a potential Radish.
  • The Guyun Stone Forest and Wolvendom area on Liyue and Mondstadt from Expedition.

Radish can be used for cooking Radish Veggie Soup and Fried Radish Balls. Mostly found in the wild, its only application is in cooking, given the fact that it is rich in fiber and nutrients also easy to grow and harvest.