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Noctilucent Jade is a rare gemstone that is used for progressing the quest “Big Business” and for the ascension of 2 characters — Beidou and Yanfei. The Noctilucous Jade is only found within the Liyue region, inside caves, mines, and near mountainous terrain.

Today we are going to look for sources from which we can easily and efficiently get the Jade in Genshin Impact. 

Sold by Shitou

Shitou is an NPC found in Liyue Harbor, Liyue. He sells ores at the Jade Mystery near the north of Teleport Waypoint. His stock resets every 3 days, but the items offered do not change. 

Talking with him will allow you to purchase one Noctilucent Jade for 1000 Mora each for up to 5 Jades. 

Farmed in Mingyun Village Mine

The Mingyun Mine in the Liyue region is the best location to farm the Jade quickly and efficiently. Inside the mine, you can find various resources like White Iron, Cor Larpis, etc as well as Noctilucent Jades. On average, you can find 3 jades in the mine quickly.

For an efficient farm, use a Geo character with a friend who is also a Geo user. With Geo users you can easily gain double the resources you will get normally and can farm 6 jades in no time. 

Other Sources

You can find the Jades in and around Mingyun Village. Players can also find the Jades in caves in the Liyue region as well as slightly before the Oceanid boss arena gates.

You can also follow the Jade farming route found by Dar Gaming and get up to 43 Jade in less than 20 minutes. 

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