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How to Activate the Paimon Bug in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s Paimon is a beloved character who serves as the player’s guide throughout the game. Despite this, she has always been a passive companion, always hovering just out of reach, until now. A new bug has been discovered that allows Paimon to follow the player character around like a true companion. The bug can be activated during the Fungus Mechanicus event in version 3.5 of the game.

During the event, players need to be at the stage where Paimon is floating next to two Fungi in Port Ormos, under a bridge. By teleporting to the waypoint that brings you to the bridge directly above Paimon and the Fungi, entering co-op mode, and jumping down so that you land right on top of Paimon while opening up her menu at the same time, a second Paimon will appear and follow the player around as long as her menu isn’t opened again. The character who jumped will likely die during this process.

While this bug is unexpected, it is a welcome addition to the game. Fans have always wanted to be able to travel alongside Paimon, and this bug allows them to do just that. It would be even better if HoYoverse added the option to toggle her on and off like other gadget companions.

It’s essential to take advantage of the bug while it lasts since the Fungus Mechanicus event won’t last much longer. Fans should also make sure to pull for Ayaka, Shenhe, and Mika if they’re interested, as their banners will only be up for a few more weeks.

In conclusion, the new Paimon bug in Genshin Impact is an exciting discovery for fans of the game. It allows players to travel alongside Paimon as a true companion, and while it is unexpected, it is a welcome addition. Players should take advantage of the bug while it lasts and enjoy the Fungus Mechanicus event before it’s gone.

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