Where to find chilled meat in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact offers several ways to heal and revive characters, rather there are several ways around cooking and spending money on items. Here’s how to revive characters:

Statues of the Seven

Statue of the Seven offers healing in the name of Statue’s Blessings, that can be used to swiftly heal all of your party / The locations can be teleported at and are available across the map.

  • The statue will automatically heal your party when you stand near it.
  • It even revives fallen characters, so you don’t need to eat your revive foods.
  • Check how much healing power that the statue has left by interacting with it.
  • The statues regain their power over time.
  • You can even teleport to statues when you’re in combat in the world.
  • All statues share restorative power, so you cannot use different statues for additional healing if they reach 0
  • Unless your party is frequently wiping, the restorative power of the statues is a free and effective way to heal; they should be Your main source of healing while playing Genshin Impact.

Heal by leveling up

If healing is your only concern, then you might consider leveling up swiftly as it will render your HP back to its full strength. However, this won’t be useful if your characters need a revive.

Heal using artifacts and weapons

Artifacts and weapons carry the ability to heal. For example, the Traveling Doctor artifact 4-piece bonus is a 20% heal every time you use your Elemental Burst, and the Adventurer artifact 4-piece bonus is a 30% heal upon opening a chest. Weapons like the Traveler’s Handy Sword can restore 1.75% HP for an Elemental Orb or Particle.

Heal and revive using characters

Characters too have HP-restoring abilities:

  • Barbara* (Hydro)
  • Jean (Anemo)
  • Noelle (Geo)
  • Qiqi* (Cryo)
  • Diona (Cryo)
  • Bennett (Pyro)
  • Xingqiu (Hydro)

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