How To Build Deck In Genshin Impact TCG Genius Invokation

As a game of trading cards It’s only normal for Genshin Impact Genius Tovokation TCG to include a feature that lets players can create their own decks with their most loved characters. It’s true that some collection is needed to build the perfect deck with all the appropriate cards.

The players may also need to fight against NPCs or complete some of their handbook tasks to build up their inventory.

If players want to construct your Genius Invokation TCG deck in Genshin Impact and change their active deck you can do it with these guidelines.

How To Build Deck In Genshin Impact TCG

To build a deck in Genshin Impact TCG, players have to:

  • Pick a slot to use.
  • Choose three characters to be in the deck.
  • Choose a total of 30 cards and not more and not less.