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Genshin Impact: Where to find the Secret Room Key in Enkanomiya

With the release of the latest Genshin Impact 2.4 update, players are excited to play in the new locations and puzzles introduced by miHoYo. They have released dozens of new features in this update, but the special focus will be on Enkanomiya

This article will guide you in finding the secret room key in Enkanomiya without any hassle. 

Genshin Impact Secret Room Location:

Image via miHoYo

If you play in Enkanomiya, you will find a narrow sub-area leading you to a secret room. The speciality of the secret room is that you will find a precious chest hidden in the room behind a set of puzzles. 

But the primary concern of the gamers is finding the key to the secret room. Once you find the key, you will be able to open the room and collect the precious chest. 

Where to find the secret room key in Genshin Impact:

Image via miHoYo

Once you visit the narrow sub-area of Enkanomiya, you will find a secret room whose key is missing. To find the key, you must locate a common chest that is hidden behind a triangular-shaped puzzle. 

As soon as you reach the location, you will find three triangular shapes representing the Shades of Tokyo. Once you perform a normal attack on the puzzles, it will get activated.

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