Having recently received the 1.3 update, Genshin Impact players can look forward to exciting new additions in the next update that is expected to be released sometime around March as Genshin receives an update every 6 weeks. Although contents from 1.4 were already leaked prior to update 1.3’s release, more details have surfaced since then.

According to said leaks, 1.4 might feature a new challenge mode dubbed “The Oceanid” which is supposedly tougher and will feature new attacks and players will be rewarded with adventurer’s experience, rank exp, hero’s wit, wanderer’s advice, and companion experience and the event will cost 40 resins every time they attempt it, which may or may not be changed in the final release. Characters like Diona, Keqing, Lisa, Fischl, and Ganyu will get 30% water resistance and elemental recharge. 

1.4 will also feature a Windblume Festival that will consist of a mini-game where players will have to shoot the correct balloons within the given time limit and is playable in co-op.

Interestingly, 1.4 will offer another challenge where players will have to face off against an empowered Oceanid and they will be able to claim it as their pet that can talk. Though there have been conflicting reports regarding its name as various sources have suggested different names for it.

There have been reports of new 5-star weapons and playable characters but so far nothing has been confirmed. 1.4 still looks interesting regardless, but these leaks should be taken with a grain of salt as these mechanics and features are subject to change when the update rolls out publicly.