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Genshin Impact: Failed To Check For Updates Error, How To Fix

In the era of online gaming, you can see numerous games going down. Sometimes it is for server maintenance, sometimes it happens for a bug or too many players to handle for the server. miHoYo’s open-world online RPG game is not an exception. Yea I’m talking about Genshin Impact. Is Genshin Impact down?

Genshin Impact is an online RPG game. Therefore, you can’t play it while its servers are down. If you are a GI player, you need to wait till the maintenance period is over or the bug is fixed. Although the game never faced too long server downtime, it still depends on the issue.

How To Fix Failed To Check For Updates Error ?

  • First of all, you can check Genshin Impact’s official Twitter account for any outage information.
  • Check out if the PSN, iOS, or Android servers are facing issues or not.
  • Check out if your internet connection is the main culprit or not.
  • Sometimes, bugs can cause such error. If it is for a bug, then you need to wait till miHoYo launches a bug fix.

Genshin Impact’s server never got down for more than a few hours. Therefore, you need to wait a few hours to play the game. If the error persists for more than a few hours, you can contact GI support for more information.

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