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Genshin Impact and Discovery Channel Unite for Climate Awareness

Genshin Impact has teamed up with the Discovery Channel to launch a groundbreaking campaign aimed at raising awareness about climate change. This partnership marks a significant step towards leveraging the power of gaming and entertainment to highlight environmental issues.

The initiative dubbed the Teyvat Nature Discovery Tour, is a multifaceted campaign that combines the engaging world of Genshin Impact with the educational prowess of the Discovery Channel. At the heart of this collaboration is a mini-documentary featuring the voices of renowned celebrities including Kit Harrington of Game of Thrones fame, alongside Lily Cole, Max Djenohan, Kate Humble, and Ed Stafford. This documentary focuses on the urgent need to preserve our planet’s diverse ecosystems, from oceans and coral reefs to forests and deserts.

Starting March 16, Genshin Impact players will have the opportunity to participate in an exclusive web event titled “Discover Traces, Explore Nature.” This event promises not only to entertain but also to educate players on environmental conservation through a series of challenges. Successful participants can look forward to winning Primogems and an exclusive Serenitea Pot furnishing, “Let the Desert Bloom.” The event will feature five beloved characters from the game, guiding players through various habitats that mirror real-world natural environments.

In addition to the online activities, the campaign will extend to offline benefit sales scheduled to take place in France, Germany, Italy, Korea, and the UK from March 15 to April 13. These sales offer fans a chance to purchase Genshin Impact merchandise, with all proceeds going to Cool Earth, a nonprofit organization dedicated to rainforest preservation and the fight against climate change.

Event Locations and Dates

  • France: March 30-31 at Westfield Forum Les Halles, Paris
  • Germany: March 16-17 at Genshin Impact Pop Up Store, Berlin
  • Italy: March 29-30 at Centro Commerciale Aura, Roma
  • Korea: Starting April 13 at Genshin Impact Café, Seoul
  • UK: March 15-17 at Westfield Stratford City, London

This collaboration between Genshin Impact and the Discovery Channel is a testament to the growing recognition of video games as a powerful platform for social and environmental advocacy. By engaging players in meaningful content that reflects real-world issues, this campaign aims to inspire a new generation of environmental stewards.

Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
Executive Editor at TalkEsport | CS2 enthusiast ▄︻デ══━一
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