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Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension Event Guide

The first phase of the highly anticipated Genshin Impact version 4.5 update is here, and it has brought with it a plethora of new content to the open-world action RPG for the players to enjoy.

The newly introduced Alchemical Ascension event in Genshin Impact has been one of the most exciting additions to the version 4.5 phase one update. During this event, players are tasked with harvesting various ingredients for brewing potions and selling the products for a profit at their Alchemical Ascension potion shop.

In case you’re feeling lost about what you should do in the Alchemical Ascension Genshin Impact event, we have you covered. In this guide, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know about the new event, and how you can participate in it to win big rewards.

Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension Event: Rewards, Start & End Dates

If you’re a Genshin Impact player, then it’s highly recommended that you join the Alchemical Ascension event in the game as it contains several attractive rewards to offer. By participating in the event, players will be able to earn Primogems, Mora, upgrade materials, and the 4-star Polearm: Dialogues of the Desert Stages.

The Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension event kicked off on March 14th and will continue for a couple of weeks before concluding on April 1, 2024. Players are advised to hop into the event early if they’re looking to grab all the rewards that the Alchemical Ascension event has in store for them.

Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension Event: Requirements

To participate in the Alchemical Ascension event in Genshin Impact, players have to meet the following requirements:

  • Reach an Adventure Rank of at least 20.
  • Complete Archon Quest Prologue Act 3: Song of the Dragon and Freedom. This Archon Quest takes place in Mondstadt.

Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension ‘Potions Most Potent’ Quest Guide

‘Potions Most Potent’ is the first quest you’ll find in the Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension event. It’s a simple quest that can be initiated by speaking with Lisa in the Knights of Favonius Headquarters in Mondstadt.

Once done, players have to go to the potions shop located in Whispering Woods, northeast of Mondstadt to progress the quest.

Completing the entirety of the ‘Potions Most Potent’ quest will give the following rewards to the players:

  • Primogems x40
  • Hero’s Wit x4
  • Mora x40,000

This also enables the player to manage their potion shop from the Alchemical Ascension event menu.

Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension Event: Potion Recipes

Here’s a list of all the market news per cycle alongside their respective potion recipes:

Market NewsPotion Recipe
Adventurers who love battlingStrength (main potion type)Dexterity (main potion type)Constitution (main potion type)
To grow flowers more lushly.Constitution (main potion type)Endurance (special characteristic)Steadying (special characteristic)
Hunt an exceedingly speedy boar kingStrength (main potion type)Dexterity (main potion type)Strengthening (special characteristic)
Decipher the stone tablet.Wisdom (main potion type)
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