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Twitch streamer rages after mom get his Steam account banned

On 1st November a Twitch streamer who goes by the handle Yeetyboiiiii was notified in the middle of his stream that his Steam account has been banned for 13 days. Further, he released that it was his mother who contacted them and reported his account for unauthorized use of her credit card to purchase games.

“CD key activation has been disabled. What the F*CK!!!” cursed the enraged streamer. He then calls his mother on the phone for his audience and the conversation goes like this. “You know that call and email you made to Steam? They disabled my account and banned me! That’s hundreds of games down the drain you owe me now!” His mother gently denied him saying “Oh, I definitely don’t owe you. You were using my card and it wasn’t acceptable!” Upon hanging up the phone he screamed “GOD! DUMB B*TCH!. Get the f*ck out of here!”.

Later down the stream, we see him taking questions from his chat, most of which are about his relationship with his mother, to which he said he still loves her and “She does everything for me.” He also explained that he is unaware of those purchases and it came from a different IP from their house.

The account as it seems has not been banned from everything, standard market features like cs key activation and trading are only harmed for 13 days.

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