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WEC 2021 Pakistan Invitational Qualifiers Day Two Overview and Day Three Schedule

World Esports Cup (WEC) 2021 is the first and largest Free Fire tournament featuring teams from 3 countries i.e India, Pakistan, and Nepal competing against each other to claim a lion share of the massive ₹75,00,000 prize pool. 

The Invitational Qualifiers for the Indian region was concluded a few days ago with the top twelve teams from the pool of 72 invited teams making it to the League Stage. 

The WEC 2021 Pakistan Invitational Qualifiers are currently underway and Day 2 completed.

Top four teams from each group will be qualifying to the league stage for the Pakistan region. Free Fire enthusiasts witnessed a fierce battle on the second day with team Cartoon Network dominating others and leading the charts by a substantial amount. 

Here are the teams that qualified to the league stage of the WEC 2021 Pakistan Region from Group 2:

  • CARTOON NETWORK – 81 Points
  • THE GUARDIANS – 77 Points
  • LEGEND STYLE ES – 76 Points
  • TEAM LEGACY – 58 Points

Team Cartoon Network obliterated their competition by consistently securing the most kills and points in each match and ultimately claiming the number one spot. Following them were the teams The Guardians and Legend Style ES easily securing the 2nd and 3rd place respectively, with the former team leading by a single point. Team Legacy was the fourth team to qualify from group two.

After the crazy battle on day two, the invitational qualifiers for the Pakistan region moves to their third day with the last group of 12 teams competing for the final four slots. The list of teams playing on the third day of  WEC 2021 Pakistan Invitational Qualifiers is as follows:

  1. Team Hotshot
  2. NO Chance
  5. Pirates ES
  7. Men In Black
  9. TEAM X
  10. D60 GAMING
  12. UA ARMY

WEC 2021 Pakistan Invitational Qualifiers will go live at 2:30 PM IST (or 2:00 PM PT.) and viewers can watch their favourite teams by visiting the Official India Today Gaming YouTube channels or Facebook page. 

The matches are streamed live and viewers have the option to watch each game in Urdu, Hindi or English. You can watch in your preferred language by clicking any of the following links:

  • Pakistan Invitational Qualifiers Urdu Livestream – Click Here
  • Pakistan Invitational Qualifiers Hindi Livestream – Click Here
  • Pakistan Invitational Qualifiers English Livestream – Click Here

India Today Gaming is also hosting a mega giveaway of 15,00,000 diamonds for the viewers. All you need to do is watch the live stream and follow further guidelines on the stream. The social media handles also host frequent Q&A sessions with diamonds codes to be won. Follow India Today Gaming on Instagram and Facebook to get free drops on a regular basis. 

Free Fire enthusiasts can enjoy the remainder of this tournament by tuning in to the India Today Gaming YouTube Channel and Facebook page.

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