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Fnatic pull off insane comeback on Inferno to take down Renegades 2-0 in Katowice

Fnatic have won the upper-bracket quarter-final of Group A against Renegades 16-4 on Dust II and 16-14 on Inferno. Renegades will move to lower-bracket.

Renegades picked up Dust II while the Swedes went ahead with Inferno. Overpass was set to be the decider of Group A upper-bracket quarter-final encounter between Renegades and fnatic.

Dust II being Renegades’ pick, fnatic chose the favourable CT side. Fnatic quickly picked up a pistol round with Golden’s triple-kill towards middle. Fnatic won the following anti-eco and the first buy-round as well. Fnatic took the 4-0 lead. Renegades finally got the scoreboard ticking as malta and dexter got early picks in the fifth round. Fnatic secured the following force-buy due to flusha and brollan’s heroics towards the A-site.

Fnatic destroyed Renegades’ economy and further extended their lead 10-1. Renegades showcased early aggression towards middle with dexter getting a couple of picks, the rest of them rushed A-short and secured their second round on the board. Later down the half, Aussies were impeccably dominated, fnatic led the half 13-2.

Renegades picked up the pistol round of the second half without any casualties. However, they lost the follow-up round while fnatic executed B-site through middle and tunnels. Renegades forced in the twenty-seventh round and won it on the back of Hatz’ triple-kill. Later on, fnatic walked away without giving anymore rounds to the Aussies and secured the first map 16-4.

The second map being fnatic’s pick – Inferno, Renegades began their campaign on the defense. Fnatic went for a quick A-site hit though Aussies held their ground and picked up the pistol round. Brollan swiftly rushed A-short and cleaned up a couple of players towards arch to get the first round on the board. Scoreboard turned 2-1 in the favour of Renegades though. Both teams traded rounds subsequently while fnatic crumbled against upgraded pistols. Hatz got a triple-kill in the seventh round while Renegades took 4-3 lead.

Renegades grabbed four rounds on the trot to extend their lead 7-3 with all-round performance. Golden and flusha delivered fnatic their fourth round with a late B-site execution. Back and forth, Renegades chimed in with 8-4 lead. Brollan, in the fourteenth round, got three crucial entries to clear A-site. The first half ended 10-5. Renegades, on the T-side, grabbed the pistol round as malta killed three on entry towards arch though JW killed four Ts as they hunted him down.

The following force buy got fnatic back into the game as Renegades’ bank was in shambles though scoreboard led 11-6 for the latter. The back and forth exchange halted as Renegades got three back to back rounds and took 14-6 lead. Fnatic won ten rounds in succession to finally shut down the Aussies and grab the series 2-0. Brollan and JW annihilated Renegades. The Swedes have advanced to Group A upper-bracket semi-finale alongside Team Vitality and Astralis. On the other hand, Renegades moves to lower-bracket with the likes of Cloud9 and NiP.

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