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Coronavirus: Attendees will be screened at IEM Katowice for unusual temperature

ESL have now updated their criterion pattern regarding the Coronavirus’s outburst and have posted about it on their website about the safety measures which are being implemented in the ongoing Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice, Poland.

The Guidelines about tackling the situation caused due to the ongoing outburst of Coronavirus have been updated by ESL on their website as well on their twitter. With the group stage on the verge of being winded up and with all eyes set on the Stage show which will bring us the ultimate showdown between the top 8 teams, ESL has updated it’s health and safety guidelines and have made arrangements with the local Polish government and the health authorities to provide some additional precautions for the crowd who will be attending the same. These arrangements will highlight health screening for all attendees where they will have to pass a temperature check at the entryways followed by incorporated stations who will be aiming to provide sanitizations.

If you’re attending the event, there’s nothing to worry about the outburst as ESL has made sure that every fan attending the event will be entering a sanitized zone. They have also stated that additional medical professionals will also be present during the entire event to double up the check for maintaining a hygienic and an immunized atmosphere.

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