Astralis crush Cloud9 in Katowice, advance to Group A upper-bracket semi-finale

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Photo: ESL

The Danish side yet proved themselves to be the big fish in the pool as they hammered the American Giants by beating them 2-0 in the Group A series opener in Katowice.

Astralis started the series opener with two quick Glock kills from Emil “Magisk” Reif which saw Cloud9’s attack cripple. But Johnny “jT” Theodosiou and his men did call their shots on point as they did enforce an Anti-economy round which saw them penetrate into Astralis’s aggressive defence. Things looked to deeply worsen for the Danes as Cloud9 saw themselves to be in the driver’s seat when jT once again opened up B site for business with his Krieg to help his team lead with a scoreline of 4-1. But the odds seemed to shift in Astralis’s favour as Cloud9 started to concede a plethora of rounds where we witnessed Nicolai ‘device’ Reedtz stop a thirsty Terrorist rush by grabbing a 4k with his five-seven in the middle giving his team a healthy 11-4 lead over the North American Organization. Coming from the switch, we did again got to witness a similar kind of situation where Cloud9 got away with yet another Anti-Eco plan in their 17th round but Johnny “jT” Theodosiou and his men did look destitute and listless as de_overpass was finally claimed by the Danish Power with a scoreline of 16-7.

Astralis started the match off on the right foot, securing a quick 3-0 lead after picking up their T-side pistol with a B execution. But yet again the NA giants couldn’t live with the humiliation as they raced off with a healthy lead much thanks to the collective efforts from Johnny “jT” Theodosiou and his men which does include a whopping 1v4 clutch defuse from Ricky ‘floppy’ Kemery in the 14th round. A scrappy period of play ensued as neither team could stamp their authority on the game with Astralis bagging the final round of the first half to bring the scoreline to 7-8 on their T side. But with fire still in their bellies, Cloud9 started to storm the entire map with some amazing picks from Josh ‘oSee’ Ohm and Ian ‘motm’ Hardy which saw Cloud9 climb up to a lead of 11 to 9. Earlier Xyp9x did take down 3 to seal off the pistol round on their CT but it was soon overshadowed by the North American Force which had started to make the Danes regret on their own map pick. We did get to witness yet another tactical plays from floppy where he did clutch out a 1v3 on the offence but again the team failed to serve vengeance as they fell short of 3 rounds to force Overtime on the Danish side which saw the later clinch their map pick with a scoreline of 16-12 thus sealing off the series by 2-0.