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IEM Beijing-Haidian 2020: Results, Prize-pool distribution, Placements and more

Team Vitality wins a whopping $60,000, Chaos EC wins $35,000 and they book their slots at the $500,000 IEM Global Challenge 2020 while their Asian and Oceanian counterparts grabbed $8,000 each.

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The event that began earlier this month on November 06 has concluded in the fullness of time. IEM Beijing-Haidian 2020 was customized into four regional events due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges that it faced, so the premier event was conducted online.

With 32 teams that battled against each other, the event boasted of $250,000 in the prize pool divided into four regions – Europe ($150,000), North-America ($70,000), Asia and Oceania ($15,000 each).

Besides the prize pool, the winners of Europe and North-America events also booked their berth at the IEM Global Challenge 2020. It will be the first transatlantic event following the restraints on LAN events amid the pandemic.

IEM Beijing Haidian Results


The European edition hosted 16 teams for a major share of prize-pool worth $150,000. It featured double-elimination GSL format with the teams divided into two groups of 8 teams each. Top four teams from each division advanced to the single-elimination best-of-three playoffs. However, the finale was a best-of-five encounter.

Team Vitality triumphed in the event over Natus Vincere 3-2 taking the series down to the third map. Complexity Gaming, Natus Vincere and Team Vitality advanced to the play-offs from Group A while Group B propelled Heroic, Astralis, BIG, G2 Esports.

In the playoffs, Team Vitality defeated Heroic and Complexity Gaming to secure their slot in the finale. On the other hand, Na’Vi won against Astralis and G2 Esports. Natus Vincere grabbed the first two maps in the best-of-five grand finale, however, Team Vitality made a mighty comeback to win the last three maps and collect $60,000 alongside a slot at the IEM Global Challenge 2020.


The North-American edition hosted 8 teams with $70,000 up for the grabs. This edition also featured a double-elimination best-of-three GSL format while eight teams were divided into the groups of four. The likely favourites – Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid were stumped as Chaos Esports Club and Triumph were the finalists.

Both Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses topped their groups with a quick couple of wins, however, either of them were overrun by Triumph and Chaos EC respectively. In the grand finale, Chaos triumphed over Triumph to win $35,000 and book their slot at the IEM Global Challenge 2020.


The Asian version consisted only of four teams – TyLoo, ViCi Gaming, D13 and Invictus Gaming. It featured a double-elimination best-of-three format while a best-of-five finale with a map advantage to the team coming from upper-brackets.

ViCi Gaming won five maps against TyLoo throughout the event while TyLoo couldn’t win a map against them in the upper-brackets and the grand-finale. They were undefeated throughout the event. Vici Gaming won $8,000.


This edition also had a format similar to the Asian event consisting of Renegades, ORDER, AVANT and VERTEX. Renegades seamlessly secured the event dropping no maps. However, ORDER displayed a strong resistance against them on a couple of maps in the grand finale. Renegades also grabbed $8,000.

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