Two teams disqualified from Free Fire City Open 2021 for breaking rules

Free Fire City Open 2021 City Finals is starting from today where we have our top 12 teams from each city. Free Fire City Open 2021 is a first-ever multi-city tournament featuring 8 cities in India. The cities are as follows – Delhi, Mumbai (Maharashtra), Hyderabad (Telangana), Ahmedabad (Gujarat), Kolkata (West Bengal), Chennai (Tamil Nadu), Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh), Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh). Top teams from all around the country will be competing to win share from the Rs 60,00,000 prize pool and champions title.

This is the first time Garena has brought a multi-city event. The tournament will be ending with the National finals which are scheduled to held on 15th August 2021. FFCO 2021 is divided into 6 phases starting with the in-game qualifiers, FFC Mode, City Finals, Wildcard Finals, City Play-in, City Play-in Finals, and National Finals. We are into the city finals stage of the event.

Teams Disqualified from the city finals

Free Fire Esports India took their social media page to announce the disqualification of multiple teams from the event. The teams are disqualified for not following the competitive ruling. The officials wrote,

” Player FF-DUKER from FLICKR FORCE has been found to have participated in FFC on multiple teams.

The teams that FF-DUKER participated in FFC with are:
1. STONE’CRUSHERS (ID: 3004014420) as SC-DUKER
2. FLICKRFORCE (ID: 3004836186) as FF-DUKER

The player has breached Rule 4.1.2, “Each player must only be a registered member of one team. Players found to have played on multiple accounts and multiple teams will be disqualified.”

FF-DUKER and both FLICKRFORCE and STONE’CRUSHERS are disqualified from Free Fire City Open. Their Visakhapatnam Finals slot will be awarded to the next eligible team.”

Two players allowed to use the new accounts

LB-Dev from team Last Breath and GHS-SOHRAB from team Greedy Hunters reported that they lost access to their account and appealed to switch to another account. After in-depth investigation and verifications, Garena has accepted the player’s appeal and will allow LB-Dev and GHS-SOHRAB to play in FFCO as well as FFPL using a new account with the condition that the old accounts are permanently suspended. As both the players will be playing from a new account, they are given an exception from Rule 2.1.2 Rank and Level Requirement.

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