Astralis has completely crushed MIBR with a profound scoreline of 16-0. The New Champions Stage game brought some devastating results for the Brazilians side. The teams with a 2-1 record had to compete in the fourth round of the group stages.

Astralis finished the game 16-0, winning the pistol and progressing on to the New Champions Stage. The fifth round of matchups will be played in a best of three formats.

TyLoo, Winstrike, Vega & mousesports became the first few teams to be eliminated from the New Champions qualifiers. Whereas, Astralis, BIG & Natus Vincere get their Champions status.

Five more teams are yet to be determined for the Champions status, which we will find out in the fifth round. The draws of the fifth matchup round look as follows:

  • fnatic vs Hellraisers
  • NiP vs MIBR
  • G2 vs FAZE

Astralis’ win against MIBR has marked one of the historic moments, there has been not a single one-sided defeat in the Majors until today.

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