VP and Liquid off to a good start on the Day1 of ESL Cologne

Image Courtesy :- hltv.org

The fifth match of the Day 1 of the ESL Cologne 2016 was between Liquid and Envyus. The map that was decided was Train.

Envyus started on the CT side and with the the help of ‘Happy’ managed to win the first pistol round. Envyus were holding strong on the map and at some point of time they were dominating Liquid but despite of that Liquid didn’t give up and with the help of ‘EliGe’ and ‘Hiko’ they came back

Image Courtesy :- hltv.org
Image Courtesy :- hltv.org

in the game and leaded the first half with a scoreline of 9-6. With the T Side execution in the first pistol round Liquid won the round by ‘Hiko’ picking up some important kills. Liquid then began to lead the match 13-7 and then ‘jdm64’ ended Envyus’s hopes and closed the map with a scoreline of 16-7.

The next match of the Day 1 was between Virtus pro and mouseports. The map that was decieded was also Train.

In the first round Mousesports started off on the T Side off the map and won the pistol round with a triple kill by ‘nik0’. Mousesports were leading the map 7-0 and had a full control over the map. However ‘TaZ’ helped his team to comeback in the game with a 1v1 clutch, which helped VP to get back in the game and closing the first half with a scoreline of 7-8 in the favor of mouz. In the second pistol round of the game ‘Pashabiceps’ picked up a triple kill and tied the game at 8-8. Then there was no stopping for the Polish team as they made it 14-10 and then closed out the map 16-10.

All the matches on Day 1 were pretty exciting and the viewers saw some great comebacks in the game. It will be very interesting to see which team will come out on the top on the Day 2 of the ESL One 2016. We will keep you updated for the rest of the matches, stay tuned.