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Gambit surprises everyone; Dignitas sends CLG home

The Day 2 of the ESL One Cologne 2016 started with the match between Gambit who defeated CLG and Astralis who beat dignitas in their opening matches. The map that was to be played was Dust2.

Gambit Started on the T-Side and with the entry kills from ‘Adren’, they managed to secure the round. Gambit were then leading with a scoreline of 5-0 comfortably until ‘device’ clutched

Image Courtesy :- hltv.org
Image Courtesy :- hltv.org

a 1v2 round to put his team back in the game and tied the score to 5-5. Later Gambit closed the first half with a scoreline of 9-6. In the second half pistol round we saw some amazing picks from ‘mou’ taking three kills and extending Gambit’s lead to 10-6. Gambit made it to 14-6 which lead to an Astralis timeout, but that didn’t help too as Gambit closed the map 16-6, advancing to the quarter finals.

The next match was between Dignitas and CLG. The map that was decided was Cobblestone.

Dignitas started on the T Side of the map and with the help of ‘cajunB’s opening kills they secured the pistol round and made it 3-0 after winning the anti-ecos. Dignitas were dominating CLG and had a full control over the map. They finally closed the first half with a scoreline of 14-1 and then ‘Rubino’ ended the match with his double kill and making his kills to 32 and then closing the map 16-1.

Kanishka Thakur
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