The first semi-finals of EPICENTER 2016 showcased one of the best head-to-head matches. The current best rivals are facing each other in a similar way as of ESL One Newyork 2016. Virtus.Pro vs. SK, the ever demanding CSGO contest. The action started on SK’s Train, where they were able to take the pistol round, but their third round B-site aggression was expected and waited out by the Poles, denying them kills and information. vs. SK has always been a fascinating match of affairs and this year it began from ESL One Cologne 2016 where SK beat in the semi-finals and knocked them out of the tournament. The first map on train started with SK clinching the first few rounds in their favor and losing only a single round in the entire first half of the game, marking the game to a 15-1 for them. The game quickly concluded with SK completely thrashing and demoralizing the home team in an incredible fashion in the first map of the first leg of semi-finals. The game ended 16-1.


Although being beaten down by SK in an embarrassing scoreline of 1-16 on the train, Virtus.Pro responded back by defeating the world’s best team SK on nuke in a close match with a scoreline of 16-13, thus forcing the game to introduce the third map.

The final map commenced with SK taking the triple regular rounds losing the first gun round being on the favored terrorists’ side of the map. Virtus.Pro didn’t skin any opportunity to take charge of the plan early on. quickly gained momentum in the game and led the first half of the final map to an 11-4 strong half in the less favored side. The second half carried the intentions of even further when they won the pistol round and the following gun rounds comfortably with the scores.

Coldzera scraped the last opportunity for the Brazilian side at the B bomb site where he was unable to spray down an easy kill. The match-up ended on cobblestone with a scoreline of 16-4. Virtus.Pro ultimately advances to the grand finals of EPICENTER to face the winner of the second semi-finals which will be, Dignitas vs. Na`Vi coming up next.