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The ELEAGUE Season 1 came down to its playoff stage where Fnatic took on Envyus in the first quarter-final. The first map of the game was Cobblestone.

Things started pretty well for fnatic as they won the first pistol round and led 3-0 in the map. Envyus weren’t left behind for quite long and picked up some important rounds and equalized the scoreline to 4-4. Some important clutch rounds by ‘Krimz’ helped fnatic secure the first half with a scoreline of 9-6. Fnatic extended their lead in the map by winning the second half pistol round and taking the scoreline to 12-6. However ‘apEX’ picked up some important rounds for his team and Envyus started to comeback on the map. The comeback didn’t last for too long and fnatic closed down the map with a scoreline of 16-13.

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The second map of the match was Dust2 and Envyus starting on the CT Side secured the first pistol round with the help of ‘Kenny’s 1v2 clutch. The french team looked pretty confident in this map and took over six rounds in a row. Although fnatic replied back as they got a streak of five rounds to come out on top and closing the half 8-7. In the second pistol round, we saw some amazing play by ‘JW’ who picked up four incredible picks securing the round for his team. From there it was all over for Envyus as Fnatic led their way to victory and closed down the map 16-7 and becoming the first semi-finalists of the ELEAGUE Season 1.
The second match of the ELEAGUE Season 1 playoffs was between Na’Vi and Cloud9. The first map of the game was Overpass.

Cloud9 starting on the T-side of the map secured the first pistol round with a B site execution. In the buy round, ‘Edward’ stepped in for his team and picked up a quad kill helping his team open the scoreboard. The following rounds went back and fourth and ended up 8-7 in the favor of Cloud9. Na’Vi started pretty well in the second half as they won the pistol round and later on followed by winning seven of the first eight rounds to get to the match point. But Cloud9 didn’t lose hope and came back even stronger equalizing the scoreline to 15-15 and taking the map into overtime. Despite Na’vi losing some important rounds, they played a flawless offensive game and closed down the map 19-15.

The second map of the game was decided was Dust2. As the game started Na’vi was off to a great start by picking up the first pistol round and some crucial buy rounds as well. Despite off this Cloud9 backed themselves up and won five rounds in a row to secure an 8-7 lead in the first half. In the second half pistol round, Cloud9 held on to the site pretty well and secured the round. With the help of ‘shroud’ and ‘Stewie2k’ cloud9 picked up some important rounds in the Ct side and later on closed down the map 16-9 taking the match to the third and the final map Cobblestone.

The third map of the game was Cobblestone and Cloud9 started off things pretty well by picking up the pistol round and then leading the map 6-1. Despite this Na’Vi picked some important rounds but trailed behind by 6-9 in the first half. After switching to the CT- side, Na’Vi came back stronger than ever and took a comfortable lead for the first time on the map. With the help of ‘nothing’ Cloud9 again started to make a comeback by equalizing the scoreline to 14-14. However Na’Vi closed down the map 16-14 and progressed to the semi-finals of the ELEAGUE Season 1.

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