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FaZe ships mousesports home

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FaZe has managed to defeat mousesports in the first game of the quarter finals of ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018. The journey of mousesports, with this defeat, comes to an end. FaZe beat mousesports 19-16 in Nuke and a convincing 16-9 in Cache.

The fate of the game could’ve been different, should mousesports have taken the 29th round serious enough. A chain of unwanted mistakes by the dominant side, led the scoreboard towards their own fatality. So much so, that they are now no longer a part of the playoffs.

The game on Nuke, which was mousesports pick, started off FaZe trailing marginally behind their opponents. Despite their tough start, FaZe steered their way to a scoreline of 13-15 in the second half of the game. Couple of mistakes by Mousesports led FaZe to 14-15, where Niko presented his contention to win the game. The courageous attempt to clutch a 1v2 got success and FaZe leveled the score at the end of regular thirty rounds.

Although mousesports were able to get the first round in overtime, it wasn’t enough. Olofmeister and NiKo led FaZe, won four consecutive rounds to secure a victory in the first map.

In the second map Cache, chosen by FaZe, mousesports had a rough start. Even though, they were able to get five rounds on the board in the first half, the game was still in total control of FaZe Clan and ended 16-9.

The best of three quarter finals ended in favor of FaZe 2-0 and they now are the first semi-finalist of Boston Major 2018.

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Deepak Ojha
Deepak Ojha
Founding Editor, TalkEsport

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