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C9 keep the USA flag high at Boston Major

One of the best Major experience to have developed, C9 finally took the trophy home. FaZe and Cloud9 battled it in the best of three (14-16 Mirage, 16-10, 22-19). It was never a one-sided affair for the teams in the playoffs, such as the story in the grand finals. It took the organizers to present two OT (overtimes) for the results to be derived in the finals.

C9 becoming the first North American team to win the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major, they defeated the European’s pride FaZe Clan in the grand finals of the ELEAGUE Major: Boston earlier today.

The finals began with a bo3 series in which Mirage, Overpass, and Inferno were played.

Let’s go through the activities on each map:

Map one, Mirage, although being one of the Cloud9’s pick, The North American squad ran all over the european defence with 7-1 lead.

Unfortunately for the home crowd, Cloud9’s response came too late—as FaZe completed the comeback  and went into the second map of the series on tournament point.

Mirage ended in favor of European Side, 16-14.

C9 kept their place secured with a mind-blowing 12-3 Counter-Terrorist start and an even better Terrorist side Overpass. Despite loosing rounds FaZe tried their best to get back into the game after winning the second pistol round but guys, the North American side were too strong for them to overcome. The amazing Plays from C9’s side overwhelming the Europeans, Overpass ended with a scorline of 16-10 with Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik from Cloud9 top fragging the server with 22 kills.

The final map of the tournament Inferno, began in the favor of FaZe Clan. After sufffering many early round losses, the Europeans came back to win seven rounds in a row. Cloud9’s best efforts saw the first half end 8-7 in favor of FaZe—but after a victory in the second pistol round, Cloud9’s hopes looked to be dwindling fast. FaZe eventually reached match point, but after attempting to end the game with two forcebuys, Cloud9 capitalized on the opportunity and forced the series to overtime. Almost immediately, Jake “Stewie2k” Yip put on a hero-level performance to secure the initial round of overtime. Cloud9 concluded the series 2-1 with a 22-19 final map score.

By taking home the $500,000 prize money Cloud9 became the first North American Counter-Strike Team to win a Major Championship.

Eleague Major Boston final standings:

1. Cloud9 – $500,000 + “Legends”  Status
2. FaZe – $150,000 + “Legends” Status
3-4. SK – $70,000 + “Legends” Status
3-4. Natus Vincere – $70,000 + “Legends” Status
5-8. mousesports – $35,000 + “Legends” Status
5-8. fnatic – $35,000 + “Legends” Status
5-8. Quantum Bellator Fire – $35,000 + “Legends” Status
5-8. G2 – $35,000 + “Legends” Status
9-11. Space Soldiers
9-11. Gambit
9-11. Vega Squadron
12-14. Astralis
12-14. States Liquid
12-14. BIG
15-16. Virtus.pro
15-16. North

Tarik “tarik” Celik was named MVP of the tournament by HLTV considering his consistent gameplay in the grand finals and throughout the tournament. Incidentally, this is the first time the 21-year-old has been awarded with the Most Valuable Player of the tournament title and it comes just five months after he left OpTic together with RUSH to further his career on Cloud9. He had the highest number of kills (258) alongside teammate autimatic, and was in the top 5 in four other categories, including ADR (87.8) and KAST (76.1%).








Deepak Ojha
Deepak Ojha
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