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Bleed Esports Wins Skyesports SEA Championship 2022

Bleed Esports are your winners of the AMD Skyesports SEA Championship by Ampverse by defeating Made In Thailand 3-1.

Following their win over Global Esports, MiTH took on BLEED in the grand finals. Having lost to them once before, MiTH were ready to take revenge and had no better place than a grand finals match to do it. 

MiTH picked Breeze while BLEED went for Icebox upon which MitTH responded with Haven and BLEED picked Ascent leaving Bind as the final map. While they are the top teams in their respective regions, BLEED with their recent showing were the favorite to take the trophy home as we got into the match:

Map Veto :

  • MiTH ban Pearl
  • BLD ban Fracture
  • MiTH pick Breeze
  • BLD pick Icebox
  • MiTH pick Haven
  • BLD pick Ascent
  • Bind was left over

Map 1 Breeze

MiTH clearly showed that they learnt from their last encounter with BLEED. They came into the game looking like the better side and the final score aligns with that. Following a close first half, the Thailand side was able to win the map 13-8. The 5 round margin may look like much but truth be told both teams were as close as they could have been. Kadoom picked up his from their match against GE and was the driving force behind this map win. 

Map 2 Icebox

MITH kicked the first map off with a pistol-round win on the Attacking side of Icebox. With their opponents now on eco, they converted the following round as well without any hassle. BLEED retaliated from the third round, and they struck back hard, winning the next eight rounds in a row before MITH managed to get their third round on the board. The first half ended with a score of 9-3 in favor of BLEED.

MITH kicked off the second half with a head start as they grabbed the pistol round. However, a force buy from BLEED was enough to shut them down. MITH could win a few more rounds throughout the half but eventually succumbed to the pressure as the game concluded with a score of 13-9 in favor of BLEED.

Map 3 Haven 
MiTH comfortably cruised with a healthy 5-2 lead on their attack thanks to Kititkawin “PTC” Rattanasukol’s 4K on Chamber. BLEED fought back into the game by closing out the first half 5-7 as they found themselves comfortable in locking out their opponents off from the C-site in the last round.

The second half saw both the sides trade rounds back and forth with BLEED successfully squaring out the scores. It was Ngô Công “crazyguy” Anh who closed out Haven for BLEED Esports as they went 2-1 up in the Best of 5 Grand Finale series. Kantapong “Kadoom” Kingthong did his best attempt to bring MiTH back into the game, with his heroics but they seemed to be destitute and listless across the second half. 

Map 5 :

MITH continued to look far from their best at the start of the first half as they went 4-8 down to the BLEED. With PTC and his troops’ backs against the wall in the series, they started to chart a comeback into the second half and were able to scale 10 rounds against 11 of BLEED’s.

Nutchaphon “sScary” Matarat’s 3K on a post-plant situation iterated the hopes of BLEED to win the first VCT Off-Season event. It was Jorell “Retla” Teo who culminated it for his team at death to clinch the championship and $15,000 USD prize money.

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