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Best jokes from ESL Stream glitch at ESL ONE NY 2017

If you’re busy playing PUBG, you must have missed the fun on Twitch chat from ESL NY 2017. The stream started to flicker when Thorin and Spunj were at the desk analyzing the upcoming game of FaZe vs Astralis. And after a short while, the audio had interruptions. This came as a treat for Twitchers as they started to hit jokes on ESL production labeling it as “literal NA production.”

Some excerpts from the Twitch chat where people are making fun of ESL.

  • North Korea bombed the United States
  • Aliens are trying to talk to the US
  • China CSGO Server Load
  • Observers are blinking
  • City Area Network Outage in 2017
  • PUBG community DDOSING ESL Stream
  • North Korea already nuked the US, this is radiation interference
  • Stop your esports career @ Esl.gg
  • ESL Tech Support: “Have you tried to turn it off and on?”
  • GOTV LAG IN 2017

And by the way, the stream is still down. The last account of the scores was Astralis down 1-8 to FaZe. It is funny because they call it “CITY AREA NETWORK OUTAGE”, however, the Stream B is perfectly working fine. BTW, the game is live on the ESL Russian Stream.

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