Ate Upset Invictus to stay alive in DIQ

Ate managed to upset Invictus over 3 maps (13-16 Train, 16-2 Cache, 19-17 Inferno) to keep alive their hopes of grabbing one of the two spots available in the Direct Invite Qualifiers.

The action started on Train with Invictus on the T side. Pashasahil opened up the A bombsite with a 2k as the fast play saw Invictus land the pistol round. Invictus cleaned up the two anti-eco rounds that followed to race to a 3-0 lead.

With Ate on the full buy now, they started showing their prowess. Bogeymanh starred on the A defence with a 3k to shut down Invictus. Ate won consecutive rounds to level the scoreline.

Bogeymanh seemed to be everywhere as a 2k on the B defence saw Ate take the lead. Kappa’s 3k ensured Invictus and their pistols buy was shut down immediately. Ate gaming had built up a decent bank, with 5 rounds on the trot.

Manan though, responded with a 4k on the B site to get Invictus back to winning ways before an Inner play saw Invictus draw level. Binary BuGG stepped up with a brilliant 3k entry into the A site, with Ate forced into a 1-man save.

A dry hit at B through the lower and a 2k from Pashasahil ensured another round for Invictus. Kappa seemed to have done enough with a 2k on the A defence. But, Invictus held their composure to win the round regardless.

With the score at 8-5 in favour of Invictus, Bogeymanh stepped up with a 2k from the deagle towards the mid area as Ate won the round on a pistol buy. Invictus tried to execute another patient B hit but Ate shut down their opponents to end the half with a respectable 7-8 scoreline.

Ate chose to hit the inner site on their pistol round and won it comfortably. Manan came up huge with a 3k to break back before Invictus shut down another B hit to propel Invictus to a two-round lead.

Bogeymanh lead the charge with a 2k as an A execute through the mid caught the Invictus defence. Buster salvaged the anti-eco with a 3k after Pashasahil’s initial double kill at mid entrance.

Invictus then went on to notch up three straight rounds without any response before a clean Ivy control play resulted in a round win for Ate gaming. Invictus though, soon retaliated by shutting down the Ate offence two rounds in a row to go up to map point.

Consecutive A hits from Ate gaming saw them narrow the deficit to just 2 rounds before Invictus pulled out a rabbit from their hat. Another A hit ensued. But, Blackhawk and Ribbi shut down Ate gaming despite being on pistols to grab the map 16-13.

Invictus always looked in control of the map, despite back and forth rounds. Their dry hits on the T side worked wonders while they managed to shut down their opponents on the CT side, to an extent.

Cache though, was a one-sided affair. Ate Gaming won the pistol round, starting on the T side. The ensuing round could very well have seen Invictus break back, thanks to Pashasahil’s 3k. But, Kappa clutched a 1v2 to secure the round.

Ate gaming began piling up the rounds, with a 4k from Buster on the fifth round of Cache. Several hits to the A bombsite remained unanswered as Ate gaming raced to a 11-0 lead. Ribbi though, got Invictus on the board with a 3k on the A defence.

Foxy responded with his own 3k to break Invictus back in what was another fast hit towards the A bombsite. Invictus never managed to recover as the half ended 14-1 in favour of Ate gaming.

Ribbi ensured the map is prolonged to a certain extent with a 3k in the pistol round. But, Buster shut down Invictus on the B site in the following round to put Ate on map point. Kappa made sure the map point is achieved quickly with a 2k in the ensuing round.

It was evident from the map that Invictus lack chemistry map and perhaps, Cache is a map the team has not played much, if ever, recently. Ate gaming’s buddy system was working fine, with trades coming in time.

Inferno saw a role reversal of sorts, with Invictus starting on the T side in a similarly dominant fashion. Manan opened up the pistol round with a 3k. Invictus were patient in their play style, which unsettled Ate to an extent and before people could blind, Invictus had raced to a 7-0 lead. Ribbi then came up huge in a 2v4 with a 3k to ensure Ate were kept in check. BinaryBUGG recorded a 3k of his won to win another round for Invictus.

Ate got themselves on the board on the 11th round with a 3v3 retake of the B site. Foxy made sure they are not broken back immediately with a 4k hold at B. Ate though, had no answer to the split attack on the B site, with Invictus stretching their lead to 11-2.

Ritz then came up with huge individual play and Ate won the following round to end the half 11-4. Ate gaming had their backs against the wall and had to get the pistol round. So they did as Foxy converted a 1v3 scenario.

Ate gaming never looked back after the pistol round, not giving Invictus any room. Bogeymanh delivered the goods at B with a 4k to cut the deficit to 3 rounds. A 1v2 from Blackhawk in the 22nd round saw Invictus open their account on the CT side.

Ate raced on to map point soon, with the score reading 15-13. Invictus though, were far from done as they managed to propel the game to overtime.

Invictus shut down the A hit through the arch area to secure the first round before consecutive B splits saw Ate and Invictus share the spoils. With the score at 17-16 in favour of Invictus, Ate gaming needed all 3 rounds on the Ct side to ensure victory.

The first round saw Invictus go for a late B split. Invictus had no time left to plant with Ritz dropping the bomb carrier. An A hold and a frantic B Hold later, Ate gaming had completed a momentous comeback. Foxy lead the charge on Inferno with 42 frags to his name.

Both Invictus and Ate gaming had abysmal CT sides and never looked in control of the map. One of the key things on Inferno’s CT side is gaining map control. But, the two sides were happy to sit back most of the rounds, which saw the offence craft their plays to perfection. A dogged CT performance from both the teams.

With the win, Ate gaming survive in the DIQ and will go up against 2ez for a spot in the Lower Bracket Finals.